Around the World with Another Webinar

CDIAL Halal stopped the time hands, broke the limits of the time zone and brought together – live – more than 700 people in more than 11 different countries, during the Webinar “Halal, Animal Welfare and Market Demands”. After the huge success of the global event, you are our special guest to participate in the second edition, now focusing on sheep and cattle , next Wednesday, July 29th, starting at 11 am (Brasília time).

With the presence of the biggest names in the animal welfare market, such as Dr. Temple Grandin, consultant Erika Voogd, and Halal officials, Sheik Mohamad Al Bukai, CDIAL President Halal Ahmad Ali Saifi and CEO Ali Saifi, the free virtual seminar will stir up the halal market, which already generates more than US $ 5 billion in Brazil and around US $ 3 trillion in volume worldwide. Great ideas and business opportunities are expected to emerge. In addition to the unique chance to expand knowledge and interact with major opinion leaders, the event will feature simultaneous translation.

The topic is extremely valuable for the moment, after all, people – in all parts of the world – are already as concerned with animal welfare as with food safety itself.

It is essential, according to Dr. Temple Grandin, that animals have a life that is worth living. Everything will die one day. Nature, in fact, can be much more cruel than man. “The problem is when animals are mistreated,” he says.

For CDIAL Halal’s CEO, Ali Saifi, “animal welfare and halal are one. They must always go together ”.

The high halal standard is so strict that more and more conscientious consumers are looking for meat from this sector, even those who are not Muslims. Halal protein is definitely safer and healthier.

Especially because there is a great concern with hygiene and cleanliness throughout the certification process. That is, halal meat would never cause disease or pandemics like the one we’ve been experiencing since the end of 2019.

The 2nd CDIAL Halal Webinar will also show companies in the sector why it is worth investing in the halal market, in animal welfare, in addition to presenting successful international cases. The event will promote a real world tour in the halal market. Let’s engage, connect and debate. Let’s exchange experiences. We will transform information into knowledge and create business opportunities.

Event: 2nd Halal Webinar, Animal Welfare and Market Demands (Sheep and Cattle ).
Organization: CDIAL Halal.
Participations: Dr. Temple Grandin, Erika Voogd, Sheik Mohamad Al Bukai, Ahmad Ali Saifi and Ali Saifi.
Presentation: Renata Maron
Date: Wednesday, July 29, starting at 11 am Brazil time – 2pm (GMT)
Price: free event

CDIAL HALAL is a global benchmark in Halal Certification, maintaining strategic partnerships with world-class companies of the food industry. A significant part of its investments is targeted at the training and qualification of its collaborators, at the quality management, food security, animal welfare, and at the ongoing expansion of its productive capacity, in order to meet the market demands.
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