New Conquest – CDIAL Halal has just received accreditation from SASO

In accordance with its ideals of excellence and quality, Cdial Halal has just received registration from SASO – Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality Organization.

SASO is a technical body of the Government of Saudi Arabia with special certification for standards, quality and methodology and is responsible for the development and adaptation of international standards. This whole methodology has facilitated the process of importing and exporting goods to and from the Saudi Kingdom.

According to World’s Top Exports, cereals (rice, barley, corn and wheat) and pharmaceutical products are among the top ten most imported products by Saudi Arabia. The consumption trend has increased, and expectations are promising. In May 2019, the Saudi Kingdom was the fourth largest importer of Brazilian sugar. In May 2020, it was the second largest Brazilian halal chicken import market, according to ABPA.

“We are convinced that this certification will open many doors for Brazilian industries that want to export their products to Saudi Arabia. It is a developed country, with a lot of technology and a growing population. Brazil has full capacity to meet the high demand of the Saudis”, emphasizes the administrative director of Cdial Halal, Ahmad Mohamad Saifi.

Acreditação SASO Acreditação SASO



CDIAL HALAL is a global benchmark in Halal Certification, maintaining strategic partnerships with world-class companies of the food industry. A significant part of its investments is targeted at the training and qualification of its collaborators, at the quality management, food security, animal welfare, and at the ongoing expansion of its productive capacity, in order to meet the market demands.
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