CDIAL Halal gives training on halal certification at Cooperativa Dália Alimentos

Disclosure photo of Cooperativa Dália Alimentos

São Paulo, June 2020 – On June 25, CDIAL Halal held a training course with employees of Cooperativa Dália Alimentos, located in Palmas, Arroio do Meio. In search of halal certification, the technical auditor of CDIAL Halal, Said El Moutaqi to know all the required processes, trained the entire team: from slaughter technique, enabling the plant and shipping chicken cuts to customers who require the certificate.

During the entire production process, a Muslim Supervisor will be present to make sure that all requirements are being met. If there is any non-compliance, according to Islamic law, the team will be instructed to correct and comply with the rules.

The meeting was attended by: Pedro Raul Mallmann, manager of the Broiler Division; supervisors Daniel Kummer (Production), William Tuchtenhagen (Maintenance) and Eduardo Koefender (Management and Production; those in charge Martinho Seidel (Chicken Reception) and João Batista Maurente (Sangria, Scalding and Plucking); Ivane Giacobbo, manager of the Control Division of Quality; Cristina Fritsch, Quality Supervisor; Jennifer Jaeger Laissmann and Júlia Camila de Souza, from the Quality Audit Sector.

According to Africa Islamic Economic Foundation and Dinar Standard, the forecast is that by 2024, the halal food and beverage market will increase 44% and reach US $ 1.972 billion. Following the growth of Muslims in the world, which expected to reach 2.2 billion in 2030, and of other countries that see halal as a synonym for quality and food security.

Informações para imprensa

LN Comunicação

Lucia Nunes – diretora e jornalista

Marianna Cardoso – assessoria de imprensa

11 99968.4105 (celular e whatsapp)

11 988968736 (celular e whatsapp)

CDIAL HALAL is a global benchmark in Halal Certification, maintaining strategic partnerships with world-class companies of the food industry. A significant part of its investments is targeted at the training and qualification of its collaborators, at the quality management, food security, animal welfare, and at the ongoing expansion of its productive capacity, in order to meet the market demands.
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