If the world needs our best, CDIAL Halal is committed and responsible to evolve every day. In addition to ensuring extreme excellence practices in the halal certification process, we work to offer opportunities for people (Muslim or not) to have a healthier life. Our commitment is to contribute to a more balanced and harmonious future.

It is essential to highlight that CDIAL Halal is the only certification body in Latin America accredited by the main official bodies of the Gulf (GAC) and the United Arab Emirates (EIAC). It gives seriousness and competence in segments which the company operates. After all, these certifications prove that CDIAL Halal follows the strict halal rules, guaranteeing the quality and integrity of accredited products and companies.

We believe that, with the “new normal”, the halal market – which is expected to reach more than US $ 3 trillion by 2024 – will continue to grow in several sectors. That is why CDIAL Halal is more prepared than ever to guarantee the quality and sustainability of new and existing products. We will keep Brazil as a successful case in this market, always guaranteeing the strict standards of assessment and compliance.

Where there are challenges, there are good deals. CDIAL Halal, a reference in Brazil and in the world, is searched daily by companies from different sectors that seek certification to compete in a market that reaches 25% of the world population, which only consumes halal products. CDIAL Halal is the organization with the most categories for certification here in the country – this directly impacts and expands the range of exports of companies that work with the certifier.

And our responsibility increases at the same rate as the global demand for halal products increases. As the rules are strict, halal is all about credibility and quality control. That’s how we earned our reputation.

For this reason, we are always in a position to strictly follow Sharia law, which has a central focus on caring for religion, life, intellect, family and property. The basis of Islamic legislation also states that we must always think of each other, in the sense that an ecosystem of social responsibility is built.

We believe that – with all this – CDIAL Halal is contributing to a better future and a world without new catastrophes. And we will Always continue to encourage this movement.


55 (11) 4128-2800.


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CDIAL HALAL is a global benchmark in Halal Certification, maintaining strategic partnerships with world-class companies of the food industry. A significant part of its investments is targeted at the training and qualification of its collaborators, at the quality management, food security, animal welfare, and at the ongoing expansion of its productive capacity, in order to meet the market demands.
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